Otra is a game focused on a relaxing, yet satisfying movement mechanic.

While you skate down a procedurally generated river, you collect small tokens from your past as you move between era's in your life.

Our goal is to create a core-gameplay that is enjoyable to sit down, relax, and skate for a while, as the soft music combined with your movement provide a relaxing and satisfying moment to moment gameplay loop, backdropped with a story on moving through life.

Currently, we are still prototyping much of the game.

All assets are currently UE4 primitives, as we work through the procedural generation algorithm, and connect generated river sections, with more open exploration sections.

Our focus right now is to continue to lock down the world building, and put together the basics of movement.

We don't have an estimated timeline, but aim to continue working on this project as we have time.

Below are some screenshots/gifs of current work. Along with sketches and mockups of the world.

Daytime Skating

Each day will progress from day....

To Night.

Character Sketches

Sketches of the Player Character.


NPC Ideas


Mockup of gameview


Generating the river chunk by chunk.


WIP Shader to round the world

Asset Generation for Obstacles

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